The identity of team members, their universities and the cases they are solving are kept confidential throughout the process. Judges are not privy to any information about participants.


Stage 1: Application (TBA)

Fill out the application, and pay the registration fee to enroll your team. Keep in mind:

  1. The competition is only for undergraduate students

  2. Teams can only have four members, not more or fewer

  3. A team may be made up of members from different universities and fields of study

  4. Places are limited


Stage 2: Sample Case

Upon application every team will receive a sample case to solve within seven days. The team must submit their solution to the sample case as a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation.

This case will be reviewed and graded by a committee of LAU instructors. To ensure objectivity, the committee will have no knowledge of the teams or their members’ identities.


Stage 3: Decisions (TBA)

The committee members will evaluate the submitted presentations on relevance, practicality and creativity. They will select teams eligible to participate.


Stage 4: Consultancy Workshop (TBA)

Accepted teams will be invited to a consultancy workshop in preparation for the big day. Attendance is expected from all participants.

Stage 5: Competition (April 6-7)

The competition itself will be held on April 6 and 7, 2019. Accepted teams are expected to attend both days and complete all cases.


Stage 6: Award Ceremony (April 13)

Shortlisted teams will be invited to present their cases and winners will receive awards during the ceremony.